The Best At-Home Martini in 5 Easy Steps! #CocktailsintheCrib Behind the Bar

It is time for our new blog series, folks! Cocktails in the Crib will highlight PHCP’s amazing team of Mixologists and show you everything you need to know in order to make the best cocktails at home — no prior experience needed! What better way to kick this off than with some tips and tricks for you to make the best martini in celebration of National Martini Day!

Ahh, the martini. With its ambiguous origin and the many competing claims of invention, the history of the martini is murky at best. This fan favorite can sometimes spark a debate, since everyone seems to have their own opinion on what they believe makes up the best martini. Is it best dry? Is it best dirty? Is it best shaken, not stirred? “The martini is one of the most highly scrutinized cocktails I can think of,” Rebecca Dowda, Director of Mixology at PHCP shared, “I like mine with a rinse of gin, a heavy pour of vodka, olive brine and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.”

Commonly known in the industry by her Instagram handle @BexintheBar, PHCP’s resident martini expert also gave us 3 things everyone must know in order to make a great martini at home, which we wanted to note for y'all before diving into the recipe.

1. Keep your spirits in the freezer! Keeping spirits in a relatively cool place preserves them for a longer period of time. While it will not affect you health-wise to consume otherwise, storing spirits in a warm place can cause the liquor to oxidize quicker and may cause a change in their flavor profile over time. Not to mention, gin and vodka are MUCH better served chilled — we recommend throwing them in the freezer at least an hour before serving.

2. Use a high-quality olive brine! The quickest way to ruin a martini is by adding a low-quality olive brine. You simply must use a high-quality brand. For a spicy martini, add a couple of jalapeño slices to the olive brine and let them soak overnight.

3. Do not forget to garnish! If you are feeling fancy, you can find different cheeses and almonds to stuff your own olives like Rebecca. If you are looking for something high-quality that is also quick and tasty, grab some Filthy Blue Cheese Olives from Filthy Foods.


- STEP 1 -

Rinse the chilled martini glass with your gin of choice.  Discard or consume.

- STEP 2 -

Pour 2 oz. of vodka and 0.5 oz. of olive brine into your cocktail shaker and add enough ice to fill.

- STEP 3 -

Cap cocktail shaker and shake well!

- STEP 4 -

Strain into the chilled, gin-rinsed martini glass.

- STEP 5 -

Finish with a twist of lemon!

That’s it! That’s all it takes to make the best at-home martini. Pretty easy, right?! Now it’s time to try it out for yourself! Join team PHCP in today’s celebration of National Martini Day by posting pictures of your own at-home martini on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to tag @TeamPHCP in your photos, and use the hashtags #CocktailsintheCrib and #NationalMartiniDay for a chance to have your creation reposted on our social media pages!

We can’t wait to see your creations, cheers!  

Author: Bradie Bowen
Created: 2020/06/19
Updated: 2020/06/19
Category: Behind the Bar

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